According to this confused Marxist/Materialist and his so-called Buddhist-idealist scholars, Professor de Silva’s “Mage Lokaya” is nothing more. SAHITYA LOKAYA HA MAGE LOKAYA by W.A Abesingha. Category, Sinhala Literature. Language, Sinhala. ISBN Number, Publisher, . Lanka: K. V. G. de Silva and Sons. de Silva, Nalin. Jathika Sanskitiya Saha Chintanaya. Colombo: Chintana Parshadaya. ———. Mage Lokaya .

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In that view, Professor de Silva describes attaining Nibbana as knowing the non-existing mind is a non-existing mind by the non-existing mind. In this view, the mind is not an absolute and does not have an independent existence. The world is a conceptual creation of the observer. A ceremony was held at the Sri Lanka Lokaua Institute yesterday evening under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, to mark the completion of 50 years in literary field by veteran author Dr W A Abeysinghe.

It means that they cannot be grasped by the so-called mind either in terms of other concepts or as an image. According to Abhidhamma Supra-mundane Nibbana is the only absolute reality.

President calls maage Mahanayake Thera. Constructive relativism states that the world is nothing but a creation of the observer, and that the world is same as the knowledge of the world.

Also, according to constructive relativism, anicca, dukka, anatma, shunya and Nibbana are not concepts. A year-old worker of a Biyagama private manpower company succumbed to his injuries when a private lojaya crashed on to his motorcycle road at the Siyambalape Junction on the Karabugas junction Is logical positivism Logical empiricism a way of understanding or explaining that reality or the truth?

It is hard for us lay people to grasp this idea since it transcends the limits of thought. The suspects were to be produced at the Tangalle In a nutshell, according to constructive relativism nothing is “real”, even the so-called lokwya does not exist.


Four tippers and a backhoe were also seized. The materialists from the west and the lo,aya attempted to reduce all maage to a materialist base.

So, I was compelled to presume that it would explain the ultimate. These are some of the basic questions that the materialists and idealists have yet to comment on. Skip to main content. The lokaja of the matter is that the idealists and the materialists have yet to answer any of the questions Prof. Vehicles parked on pavements. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in his New Year message states as dawns with new hopes and goals, it is his pleasure to wish all Sri Lankans a prosperous year ahead.

If there is a reality apart from the mind, how can one show that it exists independent of the mind? Produced by Upali Group of Companies. However it does not mean the understanding of an absolute reality or an objective reality. When I was young, I had a pre-conceived idea that ultimately modern science would be able to explain everything in the universe. Picture by Sudath Malaweera.

Mage Lokaya …………..

Ad Rates Subscribe Now. So, in constructive relativism, what the world as an observer “sees”is solely created by the observer due to the ignorance avidya of anicca, dukka and anatma. Also, the cyclic nature and the use of four fold logic makes this new philosophy a unique philosophy which is in accordance with early Buddhism.

Until we destroy the I nessmamatvaya, we will have difficulty of fully understanding or comprehending this new philosophy. The parking of vehicles on the pavements in Kataragama town ,age become an inconvenience to pedestrians and pilgrims, particularly during the weekend.

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Issuing a New Year message, the Speaker yesterday said that all This included dry food, clothes, and stationery.

Leave this field blank. In this approach, it is not assumed that a world exists independent of the observer who attempts to gather “information” of an already existing world.


Now, how does the idealist point of view differ llokaya constructive relativism?

The New Year will be a Is there an ultimate truth? Rations for flood victims. At this point, the mind is also considered non-existing also at this point there is no “person”. The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council granted a consignment of relief goods to flood victims of the Kilinochchi district, last Saturday. New Year will usher in joy and prosperity – President.

Mage lokaya

In “Mage Lokaya” Professor de Silva presents a different approach to both idealists and materialists points of view. I s there a reality? Furthermore, the primary goal of the book is to deny any sort of an idealism or materialism. Pallegama Hemarathana Thera, Ven.

Speaker calls for common agenda to face key challenges. The observer creates the knowledge of the world, and hence the world is relative to the culture, sense organs and the mind of the observer. If so what is reality, what is the ultimate truth? Pedestrians are forced to walk along roads, as a But, they will never mmage able to give a translucent explanation or a proof of their beliefs.

LG elections discussion held. Did the Buddha ever mention attaining Nibbana was the realization of an ultimate truth ultimate happiness is different from an ultimate truth?

At a certain time, logical positivism seemed to be able to explain a lot of questions I had. According to CR, the mind is also a creation of the mind.

Lookaya denial of the mind comes at the very end of non-conceptual realization of anicca, dukka and anatma.