Sold Kontronik ProgDisc Aircraft – Electric – Power Systems (FS/W). SOLD – Kontronik PROGDISC. I bought it last month thinking I needed it for setting up my Heli Jive. The box has been openned and that’s it. The KOSMIK can be parameterized using the KONTRONIK PROGDISC. This allows to change individual parameters and helps to adjust the KOSMIK to your.

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But still, you cannot upgrade the software for the jazz and the jive with the progdisc. Set Full Gas Position Defines the stick postition for full gas. Folgende Fachgrundnormen wurden herangezogen: Cut Off At Adjustment of the shut down kontgonik slow down voltage. You arrive at the submenu of the parameter and can choose the desired setting.

Some time ago we started developing a new programming and update unit Kontronio No. Has anyone seen this? Afterwards let the button loose again. After 15 seconds you will be forwarded automatically to point 6. Secondly after doing this then pwr up, should see it. I-Part The integrale part of the curve can be strengthened or allayed.

Quote message in reply? I had the receiver and ESC connectors mixed up. Options Quote message in reply?


Once the new unit is available and the price has been fixed, we will inform you. Repeated enter allows new adjustment. I hear that just worried if I purchased it will end up just a waste of money now that I hear it’s going to be discontinued. Let’s hope the component they montronik source IS the progdisc.

Are you first plugging the disc in with male to male wire to “master” port with proper polarity? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Reversion of Rotation Allows changing the rotation direction of the motor without changing the cables. P-Part 14 The proportional part of the curve can be strengthened or allayed. Kohtronik on or off of integrated EMF brake. Drehzahlregelung Schaltet die Drehzahlregelung z. This stores the new neutral point.

I wonder if it will use the master port or the USB port to connect to the Kosmik. Thank you for a good deal on a new toy for us. Hochlaufzeit bei Drehzahlregelung Stellt die Hochlaufzeit des Progdiac bei aktivierter Drehzahlregelung im Bereich von Sekunden ein. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Cllick on the button Kontronjk to install the new software version.

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The procedure equals the one described in 6. Achten Sie darauf, dass der Drehzahlsteller gleichzeitig an einen geladenen Antriebsakku angeschlossen sein muss. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.

WTS Kontronik progdisc

EN Rottenburg, Our warranty liability shall be limited to repairing or replacing the unit to our original specifications. Options Quote message in reply? Originally Posted by Greg Alderman. Options Quote message in reply?


Quote konteonik in reply? Originally Posted by thefrog. So i am happy that i have one. Reset Battery Type Resets all parameters to default. Ein Stern markiert die derzeit aktive Einstellung.

Beratung, Technische Hilfe, Hotline Hotline: Another production is not possible on the basis of obsolete components. After connecting and starting again you can proceed with programming the respective mode.

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