is valid for frequency inverter KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Lift Version – must be made available to every user. The pictographs used in this manual mean. This manual describes the control of the standard series. COMBIVERT F4-Small. It includes: General installation and connection instructions. Explanation of the. Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Leer manual de instrucciones parte 1 antes! BETRIEBSANLEITUNG KEB COMBIVERT F4-S.

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When one input has the function Reset, then it is not possible to trip a reset with the control release. Page If the drive cannot follow the adjusted ramps,then the output switches in dependence on the setpoint value and not the actual value. Operation A conveyor belt shall mahual used with 3 different speeds. New Functions From Version 1. Adjustment Assistant This parameter contains the time keg for the recording of the parameter values. Activation Of The Door Drive Afterwards it is acclerated to the setpoint speed.

Page 80 AA 11 read graph 2 B —— 6.

KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Applications Manual

Power unit code Error Power unit Code invalid; during the initialization phase the power unit was not identified or detected as non-permissible. Activation Of The Main Drive Connection Incremental Encoder Temperature Control The control is activated via the transistor output do.


Brief Description – Digital Outputs The setpoint is defined only by the setpoint signal at REF1. For incremental encoders with rectangular signals the adjustment must be dr. Scan time ms. Table of contents Table Of Contents Gain Of Output Characteristic an. Speed Control The proportional factor of the position controller is adjusted in CS. Page 27 Observe the maximal width of connectors for X4 and X5.

Page Brought in position at reference switch Reference switch cleared, drive X2. Logic Operation Of Switching When display in increments Pc. However, the drive must not start yet, first the rotation direction reverse has to be selected and confirmed with ENTER point disappears.

Keb COMBIVERT F4-F Manuals

Terminal X2 – Control Terminals Parameters, Parameter Groups, Parameter Sets Optimizing Position Controller pd. Interference Suppressor Filter Analog Inputs an.

By means of the characteristic amplifier the analog signals can be adapted to the requirements. Page 76 —— 6. This parameter contains the time basis for the recording of the parameter f. Inverting Of Switching Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If this parameter does not exist, then CP. Only when the inverter is leb off and the voltage supply is disconnected may the plug be pulled out or plugged in! Output Voltage Stabilization ds.

The slave drive rotates v4 than the master drive. Dependent on the data from the motor manufacturer, larger tolerances at the torque displays are possible, due to the usual variations in the machine parameters and temperature drifts. Page 58 The rated frequency of the connected motor must be adjusted in CP. Encoder Interface Channel 2 x5 Summary Of In-parameter To activate the brake control an external digital output must be assigned with the function Functions do.


Page Is currently updated and will soon be available on Internet http: Brought in position at reference switch Reference switch cleared, drive Amnual. Software Limit Switch pc.


The definition of the setpoint position takes place at deactivated controller too. Explanation To Maanual Description Changing Parameter Values For that the application password ud.

Kp Synchronous Control Functional Description Sychronous Control Name: The adaption does not take place automatically at every switch on, it is done only once at the tripping of Fr.

The zero track is needed for the reference point approach in the positioning module.

Page 93 Negative speed values: