With Josh Grelle, Cherami Leigh, Robert McCollum, Mark Stoddard. Yagami Kazuma was part of a family of fire users, the Kannagi family. But with no talent in . Kazuma Yagami is the black sheep of the Kannagi family and the main male protagonist of the series. After serious training in China, he returns to Japan as an. Ayano Kannagi is the main female protagonist of the series. She is the future head of the Kannagi family, the inheritor of Enraiha and the daughter of the current.

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Four years before the events of the show, Ayano at the time age 12 defeated Kazuma at the time age 16 in the Right of inheritance Ceremony. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Kaxe Kazuma and Ayano grow closer as xtigma series progresses is a lot of fun especially considering how exasperating and hot headed Ayano can be! This never ceases to annoy her father, who has to constantly remind her that not all problems can be solved with brute force.

List of Kaze no Stigma episodes – Wikipedia

Stigma of the Wind —. Mitsutaka Itakura as Detective ep 3. However, Bernhardt responds by saying that he was the one who gave Utsumi power in the first place. However, the only person that Kazuma wants to fight is his father, the strongest Enjutsu user and whom he later defeats in a duel.

Chie Yamazaki ep 2 Kanako Oikawa 5 stugma eps 8, 13, 15, 18, Ikumi Sugiyama as Boy ep 7. January Jan 17, Arad Senki Nyanpire Last Exile: Several killings in the Kannagi house committed by a powerful wind user leads his former family, the Kannagi house, into believing Kazuma is taking revenge for his exile.

Add to My List. Yasunari Nitta Art Director: Kazuma Kannagi was the eldest son of the Kannagi family and presumed heir.


As a result, Catherine makes a proposal to Ayano: The intro song “Blast of Wind” is really beautiful and there are two or three ending songs that are nice as well. CCR ep 11 Cooperation: Shelf Life – Fresh Blood Oct 19, Kenji Takahashi as Seed ep 22 Shin ep Kazuma tells Ayano and Ren that he is not trying to destroy Pandemonium because of Tsui Ling but simply because he wants to kill Bernhardt. Brina Palencia as Nanase Kudou. Dai Matsumoto as Ryuuya Kazamaki eps Akira Kato 4 episodes eps 2, 8, 14, This desire briefly faded after meeting his first love, Tsui-Ling, dtigma was reignited after her death.

Archived from the original on 1 June Kazuma is shown throughout the series to be bitter, rude and selfish, which stems from constant nno treatments by the Kannagis due to his inability to use fire magic and his subsequent disownment.

Though innocent of the murders, he is confronted by various members of his former family who wish to fight him. Ayumi tells Ren she wants to go to the beach, where they meet the Tsuwabukis. Ayano, Ren and Kazuma must destroy the dragon while not harming Misao.

Stigma of the Wind (TV Series – ) – IMDb

Kazuma Kannagi is a descendent of an ancient Japanese family skilled the art of fire magic. Kaze no Stigma – Volume 1: So Stihma a Spider, So What? Takayuki Hayakawa as Wizard ep He goes to great lengths to pay back debts to others, such as when he went out of his way to save Misao despite her repeated attempts to kill him, simply because she protected him from bullies when they were younger.

Ren and his friends encounter one of those “magicians” during one of their outings and are attacked by a fire-using one.

Kaze no Stigma (TV)

Sarah Hauser as Ren Kannagi. Carrie Savage as Tiana eps However, his personality began to turn for the good once again after returning to Japan and meeting Ayano. Keikou Sakai as Customer ep 20 Hellhound eps She often teases him, much to his dismay. Kazuma has a very cold, sarcastic sense of humour, never passing an opportunity to tease Ayano kazr something, though he’s prone to snarking at people in general.


Yukari and Nanase stivma the only people at Ayano’s school who know about her powers; in the anime, they know from the beginning but in the novels, they don’t find out until the second volume. Charles Campbell as Hellhound eps Sakamoto.

Stigma of the Wind

Due to this, Kazuma is able to draw upon the wind spirits around him, which amplifies his stigja powers, and allows him to heal his wounds. Ayumi helps the team out as best she can and suppresses the powers of the behemoth, giving Kazuma, Ren and Ayano time to defeat it.

Kazuma is a handsome and attractive young man. Blair Rowan 10 episodes eps12, Takashi Nagasako as Terrorist ep The views and opinions expressed by the partici He is also brutally honest and prone to making harsh but true comments about everyone and everything, particularly the Kannagis and their methods.

He also hates people who perform human sacrifice, such as the Fuga Clan and Tsuwabukis, as it reminds him of his failure to protect Tsui-Ling. Osamu Hosoi as Terrorist.

Having returned to Japan as an extremely powerful Wind Contractor, Kazuma, much like Ayano, is very arrogant, finding it endlessly amusing and ironic that the once powerless ‘black sheep’ is now possibly stronger than the entire Kannagi family combined.