Results 1 – 8 of 8 Kassoy’s selection of spectroscopes identify even the most subtle variations in chemical compositions. Shop now. Gemstone Identification. The spectroscope breaks up the light being transmitted from a gemstone into its spectral colors, which allows the gemologist to see the various wavelengths that . The spectroscope is a tool for examining which parts of white light are absorbed by a gemstone (as well as by other materials). Materials can.

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It shows a complete color spectrum, exhibit These instruments will usually have a focus slide control as well as a spectrozcope slit control, allowing for adjustments in the amount of light entering the unit. Therefore certain elements in a gemstone will absorb certain colors of light based on what energy level they are absorbing. What is the story behind the spectroscope?: Tools All Pages Sandbox.

There are nice spectroscope stands some with built-in illumination on the market, but gaining some experience eliminates the need for them.

The Pocket Spectroscope: A Quick Guide For Gemologists

Likewise if all colors except red and blue are absorbed by a gemstone, the residual colors red and blue will give rise to a purple spdctroscope. Elements slectroscope a gemstone gej absorb certain levels of energy. The prism and the diffraction grating. For instance, if a gemstone absorbs all the colors of the rainbow except red, only the red part of the original white light will be visible, and the gemstone will therefore be red.

That will ruin it for everyone and cause the entire site to be erased and canceled. Start practicing with something light and one carat or above. There are two types of spectroscope. It should be noted that gemologists should learn to use the spectroscope without having these numbers necessary.


Can you help me identify spectroxcope this is and how to use it correctly? The spectroscope is used to analyze light passing throug In gemology, we make use of two different types of spectroscopes, each with its own characteristics.

Please read the fine print below: Inside the prism spectroscope. Here is how the two types work: To use this instrument, line up these things in this order: Proper use of the spectroscope and lighting is vital when wanting to see good spectra of gemstones.

The diffraction grating spectroscope is based on the principle spectrowcope diffraction. First, everything has to be held VERY still.

Hold it up to different lights to observe which wavelengths are present. The prism spectroscope will squeeze the red end of the spectrum making it difficult to see some of the absorption lines in that end.

Diffraction Grating Spectroscope The diffraction grating unit will show a uniform spectra across the enter band. The spectroscope is apectroscope of optical glass. At the top is a hole and another piece of plastic that turns around.

Skip to main content. For gemm new user, it is recommended to start with a gemstone that produces a clear absorption spectrum, such as synthetic ruby. A Quick Guide For Gemologists. Some models have an attachment with a built-in scale.


Because prism spectroscopes are based on dispersion, the blue area of the spectrum is more spread out and the red parts are more condensed than the diffraction grating types. The Amici prism 5 prism delivers a sharp spectrum, so that faint lines are easy to view. Hold the spectroscope tube, the slit facing the light, a parallel beam is generat Since most hand held spectroscopes will not have these scales visible through the unit.


For informations about our handheld spectroscopes please download the brochure here. Prism Spectroscope The prism spectroscope will squeeze the red end of the spectrum making it difficult to see some of the absorption lines in that end. The light enters through a narrow slit some models allow you to adjust the width of the slit and is then dispersed through a series of prisms. For full technical specifications, please download the relevant datasheet here.

Gemstone Spectroscopes

These models are generally more expensive than their diffraction type cousins. Absorption of all wavelengths except red. The diffraction grating unit will show a uniform spectra across the enter band. And light is energy.

To the large table top models with lighted scales that you can see through the view hole. Browse Related Browse Related. Absorption of all wavelengths except red and blue. There are some tricks to using this. Login Membership About Advertise Contact. Return to Home Page. Detect the absorption of spectra and it is use to view the color of a gemstone, either by shining a light pen-torch through the stone into the spectroscope if the stone is This handy piece of equipment is perhaps the most important tool in gemology, although GIA students generally get a limited exposure to its use.

The other light components residue form the color of that substance. To learn more about the Spectroscope we invite you to join us for the study of gemology with the:. OPL teaching diffraction grating spectroscope on stand left and prism spectroscope with adjustable slit right.