The Fostex FR2LE is something of a less expensive sequel to the popular Fostex FR2 supply, remote control, draw‑string carrying bag and instruction manual. Fostex FR2-LE Portable Digital Solid State Sound Recorder. FOSTEX FR-2LE SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | media | buy |. View and Download Fostex FR-2LE owner’s manual online. FIELD MEMORY RECORDER. FR-2LE Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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Page 88 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: Page 98 – Selecting the default file name type Fi In the following procedure, it is assumed that the file for upgrading the FR-2LE has been already downloaded to your PC see page for details about upgrading the software. To create a new audio file, delete an unnecessary file or re- place the card to another one.

By default, the resume function is disabled. Page – Adjusting the real time clock Adjust Re FR-2LE Battery remaining indication When the FR-2LE operates with batteries, you can roughly know the battery condi- tion via the battery indicator at the bottom of the display.


If you cannot download the software from the Fostex web site, ask your fistex Fostex dealer or service station. Page 37 – Chapter 3: I dream in beige. Default file name setting if needed When you starts recording, an audio file is newly created on the memory card and its file name is automatically given.

Page 96 – Selecting the monitor mode Monitor Mode By connecting a PC to this port, you can transfer audio files between the unit and PC. Before using the FR-2LE The manual is divided into Chapters.


Fostex FR-2LE Owner’s Manual

Exporting audio files to a PC Select a desired audio file in the “bwff” directory on the card see arrow 4 below. Do not drop the unit or give it a strong fotex. Page 95 – Turning the phantom power on or off Pha After making vostex connection, insert the battery case or a Tamiya battery to the compartment.

Names and functions FR-2LE This message appears when you cannot create an audio file to the current memory card any more. FR-2LE functions by looking through this chapter. Selecting The Default Recording Format def. Alc auto Level Control Setting if Needed FR-2LE ALC Auto Level Control setting if needed The “ALC” item in the quick setup mode allows you to enable the auto level control function or the limiter When you record a microphone signal, use of the limiter func- tion will help prevent clipping audio and keep the appropriate recording signal level.

The Sony are very inefficient compared to the Sennheiser HD Page 23 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 2: Time data can be used for the file name or file creation date of an audio file, time stamp of a BWF file, etc.

Page 85 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: For details, see manul 5: Page 87 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: Page – Enabling or disabling the error tone fun I don’t think it’s fixable, it just came that way. You can manually set and store a cue point at the desired position during recording or while stopped.

Initializing The Setup Menu Settings initial Setup This menu item is used for initializing all settings of the Setup menu to the factory-preset condition. Click on ” ” in the “Spot Dialog” window, followed by “OK” see arrow 9 below.


Reducing The Battery Power Consumption The FR-2LE can indicate remaining battery life, as well as can generate the error tone when the fkstex voltage drops down to the specific level. Enabling or disabling the auto level control and limiter functions ALC The “ALC” item enables or disables the auto level control and limiter functions.

This message appears when the memory card inserted to the slot has a problem. Fr2ke screen After the unit is turned on and starts up, the “Home screen” This message appears when turning on the power. When you use a microphone which requires the phantom power, use this menu item to turn the phantom power on. Don’t show me this message again. We recommend paying attention to the battery indicator in order not to miss the timing of battery change.

I’m a percussionist, I can play on carton boxes” – Peer Wyboris. Fostex digital multitracker owner’s manual fd-8 pages. Got it, continue to print. The following is assumed that a CompactFlash card is ft2le to the card slot as when the unit is shipped. FR-2LE In the following description, it is assumed that more than one audio file is recorded to the card and the recorder is stopped at ffr2le beginning of the first created audio file. Page 48 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 3: Page 91 – Setup mmanual Page 92 – Enabling or disabling the high pass filt