Holden Furber; The English Utilitarians and India. By Eric Stokes. (New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. xvi, $), The American Historical Rev. OTHER REVIEWS. Jacobinism. He has also demonstrated the permanent damage to its prestige suffered by the upper house in when it became a. utilitarianism on Indian education: K. A. Ballhatchet suggests that it was exerted in India, not London, while Eric Stokes doubts that it was a significant factor even .

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The English Utilitarians And India

He believed that, within certain rigidly defined external frontiers, the soundest policy was to use every just occasion to annex native states, and to resume pensions and revenue alienations made to privileged classes before the British conquest. The Company still continued to look upon it in vaguely mercantilist terms.

It was a military empire in an unimperial age, a vast commitment dubiously balanoed by its actual commercial value to English industry, a possession which generated that artificial rivalry with Russia which preoccupied British foreign policy throughout the nineteenth utiiltarians.

Each head of an area, from the chief of state to the local headman, would be aided by de- partmental subordinates. The practical influence of political economy in England was, in consequence, largely confined to acting as a useful tool of the commercial and industrial classes in their campaign to reduce the economic intervention of tne State to a minimum.

The family connexion with India was repeated in the case of the Utilitarians. Bentham and Mill believed that this scheme was the only solution to the pressing problem of providing an adequate judicial system for India.

The English utilitarians and India – Eric Stokes – Google Books

Neha Dayal is currently reading it Sep 23, Furthermore, for efficient control within these units it was necessary to establish a firm chain of command and subordination. Govern- ment was an artifact, a creation and expression of will. None but Metcalfe had the logi- cal temerity to propose their absolute union and the abolition of a separate judiciary; but they all agreed that the collector should be accorded magisterial powers, which would give him control of the district police and a power utilitaroans summary punishment.


The authors of the Fifth Report of saw this point quite clearly. Munro tthe a half-humorous letter on the political economists and speculative philosophers bursts into sincere eloquence against the condition of uniformity to which they would bring the world: The fact that territorial dominion had proved itself to be without profit for the Company and Great Britain was quickly seized upon by the free traders.

In the twenties the in! After years of public controversy, a large measure of freedom was won for missionary enterprise in the Charter Act ofand an Indian Church with a bishop and three archdeacons was established.

If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Perrett – – Asian Philosophy 8 1: Krupa marked it as to-read Jul 04, As in England its intellectual cast meant that in a pure form it could never be more than the creed of a minority.

The normal functions of government were execu- tive, that IS, essentially authoritative in character.

This was published as a Parliamen- tary Paper in and again in 1 8 It is small wonder that by the thirties this form of political economy, whose arguments were always abstract and bloodless, should have fallen from favour, and that later economists broke away from its leading strings to preach a more optimistic and comfortable doctrine. It encountered what in a more intellectualized political tradition would be called a rival political philosophy. To administer this scientific body of law, Bentham planned a judicial system in which the main feature was to be a myriad of local courts.

This was the land revenue. This was part of a wider process by which Evangelical and non-conformist opinion abandoned its toryism of the Napoleonic War era and went over to the side englosh reform. Under these circumstances a trade might suddenly grow up beyond the Cape of Good Hope, to take off all the surplus manufactures that Britain can produce.


What pleasure, sir, find we m life, to lock it from action and adventure? These three movements were its constituent dements, but liberalism in the first age of reform could hardly be each of these things in turn. Nothing could keep them right in detailed questions of policy, he said, but accustoming their minds to dwell upon the character of British power in India, and that of the empire over which It was established.

The attitude persisted when the considerations of expediency which had prompted it were no longer so strong. The pro- cess of appeal would consist simply in a view of the recorded proceedings of the original court.

Full text of “The English Utilitarians And India”

He believed this could be achieved by permanently limiting the State revenue demand on the land; for he was convinced that the executive arm of the Govern- ment would always abuse its power so long as the State demand was variable from year to year.

Man, as a sensum seeking pleasure and shunning pain, strove for wealth as a chief means to his end. However staunchly they opposed it, the logical corollary of their policy was free trade, free European settlement, and the complete abolition of the Company as a commercial organ. Kaye, Papers of Metcalfe, p And they sought to carry their aims by harnessing their cause to the most powerful political force of their time, the interests of British commerce.