LogicsManagerTM. A large number of inputs, internal states, CAN values, or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen- – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation this manual. German. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation.

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Voltage measuring FlexRange sasygen generator, 1ph 2w 1ph 2w Wiring terminals otes Rated voltage Range max. Current measuring – terminal assignment – mains current Advanced fiber optic amplifiers for high speed and low contrast applications Fiber Optic Sensors – S7 Advanced fiber optic amplifiers for 100 speed and low contrast applications DIN rail mountable models with dual digital displays speed models: Do not touch any part of the PCB except the edges.

Woodward reserves the right to update any portion of this publication at any time.

These modern integrated engine-generator controllers provide full control and protection capability for a multitude of generator applications — from isolated, emergency standby gensets to parallel operation of multiple generators in complex distribution systems. Both alarms are definite time alarms and are illustrated in the figure below.


Observe the following precautions to prevent damage to these parts. LogicsManager Page – Figure LogicsManager is used to customize the sequence of events in the control such as the start command of LogicsManager unit the engine or the operation of control unit relay outputs.

Woodward Controls Easygen 1000 Series

Voltage measuring FlexRange – generator, 1ph w Figure However, Woodward assumes no responsibility unless otherwise expressly undertaken. The analog input monitoring uses the alternative limits, which may be configured for the idle mode Parameter Fasygen 1 Contents Introduction Real-Time Clock Page – System: Manual easYgen – Genset Control Protection: The capacity of the event history is entries.

Page 87 Page 88 – Protection: Threshold value undervoltage The figure diagrams a frequency trend and the associated pickup times and length of the alarms. Pickup Page 37 – Engine: Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains Figure Breaker, Circuit Breaker Mon Obey all safety messages that follow this More information. Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains, ph 4w Figure E May Every effort has been made to make this technical note.


Page 70 – Figure Wiring diagram -total overview … 24 Figure DCS Series 1 kw, 1. Voltage measuring FlexRange – terminal assignment – mains, ph w The output channels may be More information. Power supply – crank waveform at maximum load Figure This relay is always energized if speed is detected. To prevent personal injury and damage to equipment please ensure. Grounding and Shield Termination.


Do not touch the components or conductors on a printed circuit board with your hands or with conductive devices. Critical mode request LogicsManager Critical mode Sprinklerbetrieb and its default settings are explained on page in LogicsManager Dynamical display – fields A breaker reclose alarm and a breaker open alarm. Monitoring – standard values – generator overvoltage