Configuring darcs. Building darcs. Manual. We still don’t have a manual for Darcs >= Want to help us?.

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Then you can push the patch es to the main repo. If you later discover that your patch is manula, missing a file, or contains an error, then you can use.

This applies the patch to your local repository.

You can record any number of changesets before pushing them to the main repo. To commit it to the main repo, use darcs push. Get your copy with all on one linereplacing bringert with your own username on code. List of things that probably should be spun off into standard libraries or merged with, replaced with, etc:.

Both of these record all the changes you have in your local repository.

darcs: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

Each patch needs a one-line description. First you have to record the changes that you want to commit, then you push them to the main repo.

Please put only related changes into a single patch; it is very easy to create multiple patches.

The tool can also try to automatically infer the patches as well kanual allowing the user to enter them explicitly. Retrieved from ” http: This means making w req the default download system. As you update from upstream, you can review each patch name, even the full “diff” for interesting patches. The Carpet maintainers can then apply this patch to xarcs Carpet repository, so that the next darcs pull will list this patch for all people.


This page compiles projects ideas for people eg students who are looking for medium-to-large projects to work on Darcs.

Unresolved conflicts-related issues in the bug tracker. Getting started Compiling Build instructions are available at http: Can also manuak applied to a specific file.

Configuring darcs

As you have a copy of the Carpet repository stored locally, this will not require an internet connection and will be very fast. This smartness lets you respond to changing demands in ways that would otherwise not be possible. The option –partial means that you do not download all of the history for the repository. Note that this description should describe the patch, and should not describe how to use a certain feature; this should go into a comment or a README or the documentation.

Working with Darcs

If so, replace dzrcs mypatch. In some cases when there have been substantial changes to the Makefiles etc You can choose to record one change in a file, while ignoring another. After this initial installation phase, the following script can be run as a daily cron job. If you have implemented a certain feature, corrected a certain error, or fixed a typo, then it is time to record that change as a patch.


Darcs User Manual

We might keep the current libcurl and HTTP code for benchmarking purposes, but given its rather complex interface it may be simply better to replace it entirely and benchmark against darcs pre-replacement. On the other hand, ” Fix typo in comment manula is probably good enough.

In that case it can be useful to maintain Gerris using recompilation from source using darcs. This saves space, bandwidth and CPU time, and most people don’t need the full history of all changes in the past.

Contents 1 Farcs the sources using darcs 1. See previous discussions on this topic:. When you have one or a few patches that you would like to contribute back to the community, then you can use.

Keep in mind that you could always propose an project with a whole different set of ideas.