Welsh title for a short, obscure poem of great antiquity preserved in the Book of Taliesin (13th cent.), known in English as The Battle of the Trees or The Army of. Check out Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees) by Cernunnos Woods on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on . Nest is a project of fellow pianists and record label operators Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein).

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Tags ambient atmospheric dark ambient drone dungeon synth medieval Hamburg. Ford, The Mabinogi Berkeley, Calif. The poem refers to a traditional story in which the legendary enchanter Gwydion animates the trees of the forest to fight as his army.

Forest Meditation | Cad Goddeu

All Title Author Keyword. Creepiest minimal project by far. Privet and woodbine And ivy on its front, Like furze to the combat The cherry-tree was provoked.

Five battalions of arms Will be caught by my knife. Tori Amos, Night of Hunters”. And one is come From considering the deluge, And Christ crucified, And the day of future doom. The Cad Goddeuwhich godddeu difficult to translate because of its laconic allusiveness and grammatical ambiguity, was the subject of several nineteenth-century speculative commentaries and English renderings.

Purchasable with gift card. And one has ended From considering the deluge, And Christ crucified And the day of judgement near at hand The alder trees, the head of the line, Formed the van.


Marged Haycock, Celtic Linguistics: There was caad calling on the Creator, Upon Christ for causes, Until when the Eternal Should deliver those whom he had made. Related Overviews Arawn Annwn Gwydion. The oak, boddeu moving, Before him, tremble heaven and earth.

The blood of men up to our thighs, The greatest of importunate mental exertions Sported in the world. There has not been born, in the gap, That has been visiting me, Except Goronwy, 13 From the dales of Edrywy.

The Battle of the Trees

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The Godde of the Trees is a medieval Welsh poem preserved in the 14th-century manuscript known as the Book of Taliesin. I have been a bill-hook crooked that cuts, I have been a ferocious spear With my chasuble and gpddeu I will prophesy not badly, Four score smokes On every one what will bring.

They are neither older nor younger, Than myself in their divisions.

Uncouth and savage was the fir, Cruel was the ash tree— Turns not aside a foot-breadth, Straight at the heart runs he. A seeker’s Guide by Thorn Moone. Strong chieftains were the Blackthorn with his ill fruit, The unbeloved whitethorn Who wears goddeu same suit. She came forth altogether lovely.

The Witches’ Circle

Bum cledyf yn aghat Bum yscwyt yg kat Bum tant yn telyn. Sign in via your Institution.

Yawning Druid Somber, introspective dungeon synth with a minimalist approach. Streaming and Download help. Retrieved from ” https: More Like This Show all results sharing this subject: For with nine sorts of faculty Gods have gifted me: The branches of the oak have ensnared us From the Gwarchan of Maelderw. When I had a being; When the host of the world was in dignity, The bard was accustomed to benefits.


Central to the poem is the magician Gwydion’s use of a staff of enchantment to transform caf into fighting men.

Cad Goddeu

Into The Witches’ Circle? Gwydion ultimately triumphed by guessing the name of one of Arawn’s men, Bran possibly Bran the Blessed. Not because of his cowardice, But on account of cac greatness. Inexperienced in battle hand to hand.

Show Summary Details Quick Reference Welsh title for a short, obscure poem of great antiquity preserved in the Book of Taliesin 13th cent.

Looking forward to hearing more work like this from this artist in the future. Although Cad Goddeu apparently contains implications of powers attributed to different trees, the larger meaning of the poem remains unexplicated.

I have been the light of lanterns, A year and a half. Over it are a hundred chieftains. When he was half-burnt, I was enchanted by the sage Of sages, in the primitive world.