Laura Kasischke (born ) is an American fiction writer and poet. She is best known for Kasischke, Laura (). Wild brides. New York UP. Boy Heaven. Buy a cheap copy of Boy Heaven book by Laura Kasischke. Around a campfire, sit a group of girls telling gruesome and spooky urban legends: there’s the girl. Boy Heaven. View PDF. book. Fiction. US & Canada HarperCollins. They planned on a joyride in a convertible on a hot summer day. They planned on.

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Laura Kasischke born is an American fiction writer and American poet with poetry awards and multiple well reviewed works of fiction. Oct 06, Marion rated it really liked it.

Feb 15, Taylor Fenner rated it liked it Shelves: This one was a bit over the top. I would never have guessed that I would get swept up in a book called Boy Heaven, but I just couldn’t kasiscjke myself.

Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke

There are three central characters to this story Kristy, Kristi and Desiree. With Kristi essentially out of commission, Desiree and Kristy find themselves in for the shock of their lives one night out at Lovers Lake. Once back at camp, the girls laugh off the incident and are proud of themselves for getting rid of the guys.

A is for Anaconda: Kristy thinks back on her life and how things could have been different for her. We’ve been doing this since Nevertheless, the book freaked me out a number of times.


The thing is, I’ve read quite a few books targeted at adults that broach fewer “taboos” than this book did and they do it with a greater sensibility in their approach. They were seventeen, with perfect tans and perfect bodies.

Boy Heaven

The girls stop at a sketchy gas station to fuel up on diet sodas and candy bars. Kasiscnke she feels like someone is always watching her and claims she talked to the guys out in the woods. As much as I liked this book, I am afraid to say that I After having read laur Raising’ by Laura Kasischke which I thought was fantasticI was really excited to read goy of her work, so started with this one. The writing style was clear and it’s a fast read. Their day soon takes a drastic turn — all because Kristy Sweetland smiled at the wrong time, in the wrong place, at the wrong boys.

This is not my kind of book cheerleader camp? Of course, the three cute girls in shorts and bathing suits catch the attention of two “grubby” guys hanging out in their car.

Kasischke’s lush, sensory descriptions make this young adult novel both luminous and eerie. Bored out of her mind, Kristy and her best friend, Desiree, join up with fellow camper Kristi to skip the cheer camp practices and hit Lovers Lake.

Here’s a sample of her lovely prose, describing three teenage girls driving on a summer day in a Mustang convertible with the top down: Nov 06, Heidi rated it liked it. Overall, if this book were made into a movie that stayed true to the original text, it would be rated R for sure, and not just because of the hezven scene toward the beginning.


I usually already guess the ending halfway through a book but this one was sublime and totally unexpected. I felt as though I was her diary, the secret confidant she reveals she still writes every event of her life in.

To view ,asischke, click here. Each girl handles the stress of the situation completely differently. Posted by Cindy Mitchell at 8: I have noticed that Laura Kasischke has an excellent way of writing that allows her to switch between tenses so smoothly that the whole story comes together seamlessly.

Also, just when things were getting good it ended.

Laura Kasischke

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. This book would be about 3 pages long if just the plot was covered.

Kristi refuses to eat or shower, essentially becoming a prisoner in her cabin.