Bhrigu Sutras, bhrugu. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is. The book titled Bhrigu Sutras in English in PDF format. 1Maharshi Bhrigu’s Bhrigu Sutras Introduction The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction w.

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The eighth house has nothing to do with lands. Other Views Brihat Jatak-The person concerned should suffer humiliation at the hands of women. H e has ups and downs in this respect. It is also believed that Virgo natives generally get more daughters than sons. Only M sufras has given beneficial results with which we respectfully express our dissent. H e will squander away what he has and will be in the service of a wicked king. Venus is the chief planet connected with vehicles Vahana.

I n this circle the planets travel each in its own orbit, one outlying beyond the other. H e will, however, suffer from boils in the body. Their signs of exaltation and debilitation; their own signs; their friends, enemies and neutrals. This adverse result described above seems to be due to the fact that while in the ascendant the Sun will be posted in a house of loss and expenditure, that is 12th to the second house which is inter alia significator of eye sight and vision. Our view is that the evil affects will not be entirely wiped off by the aspect of benefics but the diseases'” dutras respond to curative treatment.

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First 5 degrees portion of Sagittarius is his Multrikona and the rest is hi 1 -‘ Swakshetra-The whole of Pisces is also his Swakshetra.

Chapter IV Effects of M ars in the twelve houses. His nature is cold, dry, phlegmatic, melancholic, earthy and masculine. M oon is the planet nearest to the E arth. A s regards the statement that the presence of the M oon in 8th house will separate the native from his relations on account of his wife we are unable to find any astrological reason for it, but as the statement comes sturas a distinguished authority, the readers may verify it from their practical experience.

Bhrigu Sutras.pdf – Veda

When there is any kind of evil influence on the M oon, sutrqs significations of the house will suffer. If A ries takes the place of Cancer, the person concerned will have many children. He will also be attractive for members of the opposite sex.

C hapter V Effects of Mercury in the twelve houses. It is not clear how Saravali refers to mother when the Sun and ninth house hbrigu nothing to do with her. Venus is also called one eyed.

If M ars is weak and afflicted in a horoscope, the native will be rash, will lose temper quickly, will be foolhardy and also quarrelsome. I n spite of the Sun being in the fourth house, if the lord of the 4th house is strong and well placed, the native will enjoy the comforts of his own land, house and native place. He gives the native retentive power and reproductive ability. Chamatkar Chintamani-The person concerned will acquire wealth through his valour that bhritu by army service.


Fifth H ouse Progeny childreninclinations, pleasure, artistic talent, recreation, amusement, sports, romance, competitive activities like cards, crosswords, lottery, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra-tantra, religions mindedness, high learning and wisdom, intelligence, enormous riches, spiritual practice etc.

FI e possesses the power of absorption of the nature and influence of any planet within an orb of 8 V 2 degrees of his conjunction. It also rules the infant stage of a person and it has powerful influence on their lives.

Their eyes will be round. Special yogas for sexual perversions. His money will be stolen by thieves. H e will have soft skin and strong build but he will not be intelligent.

Mercury shows the type of mentality one is endowed with, as he governs the reaction to one’s sense and 8 impressions.