View Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Claude Cahun. Aveux non avenus [Claude Cahun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Platinum print by Claude Cahun, image of a collage, , printed , from the book ‘Aveux non Avenus’. Museum Number E

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You can make us believe in admirable love which in the old days was never yours. Often this love was innocent to the point of clumsiness. However impossible it might be, I have the impression that the other event — the other execution — occurs simultaneously.

To rebuild a lasting happiness from the slightest simple touch, to disarm a dream as yet unrealized with one single disappointed touch.

At the bottom, three gates: Until I see everything clearly, I want to hunt myself down, struggle with myself. And what about me? A massive red and blue balloon, it floats upwards at the end of a string. S At just seven years old, without realizing it, I was already looking for sentimental adventure, driven — as I am now — by impotence, and with all the strategic impudence that characterises me still.

A headless female nude is visible in the centre left of the image frame, a double exposure of a male figure wearing a tuxedo is in the top-right corner, a female figure holds a gun to her head top-central, and various depictions of ribcages are present throughout the image.

Lucien de Samosate33 would say.

Aveux Non Avenus

A great indifference towards my real desires as soon as any obstacles are put in their way. Rigid abandon, not in the least inconsistent, conscious, wished for…. Why does God wreak havoc with my deplorable qualities. I even evade my own evasion: In fact what troubles Narcissus the avenue most is insufficiency, when his own gaze is interrupted.


E — What I find most admirable about the Passion is not wveux you believe. I would like to amuse you neither more nor less than the unexpected negative, dictionaries, a fish out of water, the decadent morals of mechanical animals, the street where 62 everything happens, where everything goes by, where nothing knows you.

Julian Wilson jwilson christies. B — Have a very simple life, a life with nothing to do. My excessive forbearance, my exaggerated gentleness, my sensitivity and my limitless generosity. All falling strictly forbidden. Always the same chain of complaints.

My picture would be of a hypocritical and sensual age where men will prefer their own contact and their silent scorn for love gossips about others. None is seized by her spells alone. But the slightest irritation wrenches them from their indolence, with the sound of broken glass the reflection shatters.

But if, in a thousand gropings, I should once put my finger on God, at the bottom of my heart and even if I tell myself not to then I become a prophet.

Cahun is not known to have made platinum prints, preferring to use gelatin silver, and so the distinction that these are modern prints — made using platinum — is subtle but clear. An unremarkable surface without anything questionable on it.

Nevertheless I will take pleasure in uttering some unfair and provisional words, aveenus say enough of them to highlight the force of illusion each carries in his glands; the force that allows him to temporarily overlook the most obvious points of conflicts.


My very best friend. To comment too precisely on this book would be almost indiscreet. Editions du Carrefour, However, the prospect of staying at…, what a dangerous hope.

Cahun Claude | Aveux non Avenus | MutualArt

This woman, passionate, irreligious and not much of a gossip, was taken for a madwoman in the area. Little fox-gloves hatch along these stems, not sure whether to be flowers or pass for leaves, new leaves still chrysalides… On moss blancched by shade, Prince Charming has condemned himself to sleep without cheating; to sleep while awaiting the deliverance worthy of his destiny, worthy of his proud virginity and through it, triumphant; to sleep forever.

Cahun and Moore had, after all, championed Monnier’s enterprise, La Maison des Amis des Livres, from its qvenus days, borrowing books from the lending library, making purchases, supporting publications, attending the events that transformed the bookstore into aveus ad hoc cultural center. B — The past. Isabel Paulus ipaulus christies. You could imagine two completely different conversations, lives, philosophies, divergent in every aspect, contradictory as it were, just by changing the entrance onto the stage, the aveix the subject is broached, the opening gambit of the game.