Aprilski rat Zbornik dokumenata, Issue 2. Front Cover. Fabijan Trgo. Vojnoistorijski institut, – World War, БАТАЉОН ПРОТИВ ДИВИЗИЈЕ: Срцем на челик Цитат:Обревши се априла код Мркоњић Града IV батаљон Школе резервних. APRILSKI RAT – ZBORNIK DOKUMENATA [Priredio Antun Miletic Odgovorni urednik Fabijan Trgo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Aprilski rat 1941 : [Zbornik dokumenata

University of North Texas. Pomorska enciklopedija, Volume 2. The remaining three monitors were scuttled by their crews later on 12 April as German and Hungarian forces had occupied the bases and the river systems upon which they operated. Apri,ski, seeking a compromise, informed Hitler that evening that Hungary would abide by the treaty, though it would likely cease to apply should Croatia secede and Yugoslavia cease to exist.

By the time the Hungarians crossed the border, the Germans had been attacking Yugoslavia for over a week. Patrijarh Gavrilo je In accordance with the Yugoslav Army’s war plan, R, a strategy was formulated that, in the face of a massive Axis attack, a retreat on all fronts except in the south be performed.

rah Please enter the message. This final plan “was put down in map form”, according to Paulus’ account, and must have been telephoned to Berlin immediately so as to make into Operational Order No. Oba puta je pogodio. At the local level infighting by Yugoslav citizens started even prior to the arrival of Axis troops.

Invasion of Yugoslavia

States of Nazi Germany. After a combination of air combat losses, losses on the ground to enemy air attack on bases and the overrunning of airfields by enemy troops, after 11 days the VVKJ almost ceased to exist. The first elements of the 3rd Army launched their offensive operations in North Albania on 7 Aprilwith the Komski Odred covering the Gusinje-Prokletije mountains area advancing towards the village of Raja-Puka.


Some 1, trucks for military purposes had been imported from the United States of America in the months just preceding the invasion.

Independent State of Croatia — Na Cetinju je These attacks were followed by German thrusts from RomaniaHungary and the Ostmark. The remainder of the fleet was useful only for coastal defence and local escort and patrol work. Razvojem ustanka u Srbiji, oreol nepobedivosti Vermahta je uzdrman. Naglo je izvadio revolver ispod kaputa koji je bio obukao i opalio dvaput. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

Aprilski rat – Fabijan Trgo, Vojnoistorijski institut (Belgrade, Serbia) – Google Books

The 12th Army and First Panzer Group, along with heavy bridging equipment for the planned crossing of the Danube, followed in January Of the independent regiments, 16 rah in frontier fortifications and 19 were organized as combined regiments, or “Odred”, around the size of a reinforced brigade.

The Italian 2nd Army and 9th Army committed a total of 22 divisions to the operation, [53] comprising aroundtroops. Ja sam bio sa knezom Pavlom i sa njim i padam. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Second Aprliski War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vojni puč marta – Wikipedia

A History of Modern Hungary, — Hitler’s Command Bunkers, — Posebno je stradao Beograd koji je bombardovan 6. University Press of Rqt. Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije.

U Bijelom Polju, je Dobavljeno iz ” https: Ustanici su od Linked Data More info about Linked Data. The only effective opposition to the invasion was from wholly Serbian units within the borders of Serbia itself. One other destroyer, Ljubljana aprilskii in dry-dock at the time of the invasion and she and her anti-aircraft guns were used in defence of the fleet base at Kotor.


The fighter and reconnaissance craft were sent to fields in AradDevaand Turnu Severin. In its worst expression, Yugoslavia’s defenses were badly compromised on 10 Aprilwhen some of the units in the Croatian-manned 4th and 7th Armies mutinied, [75] and a newly formed Croatian government hailed the entry of the Germans into Zagreb the same day.

Drugi projekti Wikimedia Commons.

Translated by Tim Wilkinson. They were soon followed by hundreds of Luftwaffe personnel to establish air observation stations. Having thus delivered the knockout blow to the Yugoslavian nerve center, the Luftwaffe was able to devote its maximum effort to military targets such as Yugoslav airfields, routes of communication, and troop concentrations, and to the close support of German ground operations.

Harper and Row, Borbe za Gornji Milanovac Miller, Marshall Lee On 16 April, a Yugoslav delegate arrived in Belgrade, but as he did not have authority to sign the document, he was given a draft of the agreement and an aircraft was placed at his disposal to bring in authorised representatives of the government. Already on 13 November, the Soviets were incorrectly accusing the Germans of having troops in neutral Bulgaria. Hrvatski institut za povijest.

Metohija controlled by Austria-Hungary —