The biography of Shrimad Nrusimha Saraswati “Shree Gurucharitra”, gives us the Guru Charitra – Complete Biography of Shree Akkalkot Niwasi Swami. Sadguru Shree Vitthalrao Ganesh Joshi (Shree Maharaj alias Shree Digambardas Maharaj) was born in a small village called Pomendi in the. Guru Charitra – Complete Biography of Shree Akkalkot Niwasi Swami Samarth Translation of Hindi Book “Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Ki Avatar Leela”.

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Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj – Shree Swami Samarth

Lord, please reconcile all these forms and grace me with your ‘Darshan’ in your original form”. The Brahmin boy went to the other side of the river and saw Sriguru seated under an Audumber tree, absorbed in deep meditation. Certainly the manes of our deceased ancestors will be very pleased with this”. But they always thanked Lord Prabhu Ram for their prosperity.

Take for granted that you have already endured for the sins of your past life and you will get my blessings. Please take me to Sriguru”. biogdaphy

The Brahmin boy, who was considered as a dullard until now, suddenly started reciting the ‘Vedas’. That itself is the real path to salvation”. By using this site, you agree to the Mabaraj of Use and Privacy Policy. Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga – 1, years Treta Yuga – 1, years Dvapara Yuga -years Kali Yuga -years Upon conclusion of seventy-one or sometimes seven circuits of this cycle, there is a period equally long during which the world is inundated; then the cycle begins again.

Instilling confidence in her, Narahari said, “Mother, I am not born for household entanglement. His whole body was undergoing a burning sensation.


Birth Place and Family History

The only one, who has fully dedicated Himself to the devotees is Akkal,ot Dattatrey. Sriguru said, “I mahsraj very hungry. He is known to be pure consciousness in human form enjoying emancipation during his lifetime. Yet, as a mother’s heart, Amba was not satisfied without listening to the sweet words of her son.

This is a land of the sages and saints! He was a great devotee of Lord Dattatreya. Maha-Yogi possessing akmalkot spiritual powers. Only then you will you be liberated from this state and the lady would also become happy. The Joshi family, over a number of years had accumulated great wealth in the form of land, houses, gold and cash.

Hence Lord Vishnu had blessed the Audumbar tree that worshipping this tree would was one’s sins away. Shree Gurucharitra Biography of Narasimha Saraswati.


Probably it might be the result of his deeds committed in past life. People invited for the ceremony gossiped about how this dumb boy would chant the Gayatri Mantra 53? Unfortunately, none of their offspring’s other than two sons had survived after birth.

They would taunt him, “In the house of a learned father you are born as a dullard. He has gentle as well as fierce forms. The boy was endowed with intelligence and knowledge. For the welfare of the devotees He manifests Himself on any occasion and in any form to shower his Divine presence and grace.

This place is located on the western bank of river Krishna.

If I can get that royal pleasure in my next life, I would be very much pleased. You are a stigma for the Brahmin community”.

Surprisingly, the flow of river split in two parts leaving space for Sriguru and the Yoginees to easily cross over to the other side. He started uttering the ‘Vedas’.

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It is mentioned in the holy book of Shri Gurucharitra that Shrimad Narasimha Saraswati entered into mahasamadhi in Kardalivana in He destroys evil and protects good. The splendor of Shri Swami Samarth and his glorious mission became more fully manifest, after his arrival in town of Akkalkot in Maharashtra.

Similarly, Lord Sripad Srivallabh, the reincarnation of Lord Dattatrey maintained his Divine grace on earth fulfilling the wishes of his devotees even after taking samadhi. Next day in the afternoon he again hid near the Audumbar tree. After saying so, Sriguru left the house. Holy places in Uttar Pradesh State, in India.

This was remarkable for a 7 year old child and many senior learned Brahmins in the village started coming to him for learning the Vedas to the great astonishment of all the learned people. The wise ones who have realized the Truth will impart the Knowledge to you. After the perfect Satya Yuga, a decline marks the Treta Yuga. There were three dacoits in that village that planned to loot Vallabhesh on his way to the village.

After this, on a daily basis he visited Sriguru and offered his services thus getting absorbed in deep devotion. Now I have to render service to my Guru 55 and then beg for alms. Hearing the true incident Vallabhesh became very unhappy since he did not get 49 Satya Yuga: As soon as he saw Sriguru, he went running with bare feet and prostrated at the lotus feet of Sriguru.

He tried again and again to meditate. Mode of Goodness 5 Rajas: