The Agranat Commission was a national inquiry commission established on Its Intermediate Report was published on April 1st , focusing on the reasons. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper. Agranat Commission investigation and reports regading the Yom Kippur war.

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This site is a part of the Zionism and Israel on the Web Project. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper across the country.

Committee member, former Chief of General Staff Yigael Yadinasked Meir invasive questions, compared to ckmmission members, who defended her. When IDFA published a collection of Commission testimonies on its website in and —which included excerpts of the rpeort of Prime Minister Golda Meir and tens of military officers—the minutes of these testimonies made headlines in several newspapers and television channels.

Many Israelis thought that an injustice was done to Elazar, who took the rdport for failures by Moshe Dayan and others. Golda Meir protocols from Agrajat Commission released. Meir was asked if she received any major updates while she was abroad, and she replied that she had.


There was no chance of destroyed the Egyptian air force on the ground. You have to keep a source, but use the information you get. Gordon, Samuel, 30 Hours in October: According to the Report: Dayan in the Yom Kippur War Photo: The commission’s report was published in three parts. The state is the supreme thing. The second part was published 10 July and contained the reasons for the conclusions of the first report.

Judgment in Jerusalem

Accordingly, Elazar resigned in April of These eventually resulted in the resignation of Dayan and Meir and the formation of a new government by Yitzhak Rabin. A professor of law, Pnina Lahav has published nearly 50 journal articles and books, including the critically acclaimed Judgment in Jerusalem: The Agranat Commission also determined that there was an inexcusable delay in calling up reserves, and that no defense plan for the case where the regular forces would need to hold back a general attack on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts simultaneously.

Golda Meir was directly responsible for failure to issue an order for general call up of reserves on the morning of Yom Kippur. Assaf Yagoury the most famous Israeli captive.

Published on 1 Aprilthe Interim Report caused a sensation. However, he was certainly not more guilty than Moshe Agranay. The Committee sat for sessions, during which they listened to the testimony of 58 witnesses. Interview in Maariv25 January The Agranat Commission, appointed by the cabinet to investigate the debacle of the Yom Kippur War, catapulted Agranat into the center of Israel’s gravest crisis.

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The Agranat Commission Hebrew: Views Read Edit View history.

Marwan has wrongly been cast as a Mossad agent in several sources, but he was not. I said, I decided and that is that. War and Peace in the Middle East.

The third and final Agranat Report, which the Commission submitted agrana the government and the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on January 30,covers 1, pages and is divided into commiission volumes. Out of pages, divided into two volumes, the Commission approved the publication of no more than six introductory pages.

Minister Yisrael Galili asked to hold an urgent meeting as soon as the prime minister returned to Israel. At the beginning of a word, it has a dot in it and is pronounced “Kaf.

Agranat Commission

Comnission Hebrew, a chaf can never occur at the beginning of a word. What is Barlev Line? Chief of Staff David Elazar Photo: The attack on air bases was modeled on Operation Focus of the Six day war.

Professor of law, Pnina Lahav. Moreover, the Israeli press quoted large chunks of it word-for-word.