West Hill Blast Quartet ft. Verity Spott

Representing the home-town scene, are Brighton’s West Hill Blast Quartet: Dan Spicer on reeds/trumpet/percussion, Ron Caines on saxes, Andy Pyne on drums and, for one night only (replacing double bassist Gus Garside), Verity Spott on cello.

Active since 2012, West Hill, Blast Quartet have released two CDs on the Foolproof label.

Dan Spicer and Verity Spott play together in the improvising trio In Threads.
 Ron Caines was, in the late 1960s, a founder member of pioneering UK Prog-psych group East of Eden, and has been a key member of improvising collectives in both Bristol and Brighton. Andy Pyne has played drums in a wide variety of contexts, including a duo with Thurston Moore, freak-Improv with The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon, No-Wave with Medicine and Duty, and punk poetry with Map 71.