Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival is the UK’s newest and most daring jazz festival.

Taking inspiration from long running avant-garde jazz festivals such as New York’s Vision Festival and Germany’s Moers Festival, it proposes a genuine alternative to mainstream, commercial festivals, providing exciting, left-field improvisation and deep jazz for those in the know, and those keen to learn.

For 2016, the festival’s second year, we’ve programmed a world-class line-up of some of the most creative and uncompromising avant-jazz practitioners currently at work in the US, Europe and the UK – including several debut UK performances and special collaborations.

More than ever, we’re dedicated to showcasing improvisers from scenes and communities not often represented at UK festivals. And, at the same time, we’ve extended our commitment to providing a platform for risk-taking female musicians who are still sorely under-represented in other jazz festivals.

Above all, Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival aims to present music that speaks to the heart, the soul and the mind.


Take a look at the line-up of the debut 2015 festival here